File Under W For Weird

Reading this story almost makes you think of those heist type movies where the robbers run off with millions of dollars. Unfortunately for one man he wasn’t so lucky to escape with a life of luxury or fame as he was caught. Video game stores most times see a small loss of a couple games at a time nothing major. Imagine either walking in on this guy as he burrowed up from the ground or finding him crawling out. Either way the story was too funny to pass up. 

Greeneville police arrested a man Thursday and charged him with breaking into the Game Stop video game store Jan. 4 by tunneling through a wall after breaking into a vacant adjacent space.

Detective Pat Hankins charged Steven Paul Archer, 33, of 200 Crest Hill Lane, Chuckey, with felony burglary in the offense. According to the warrant, Archer took $288.55 in cash and $5,342 in merchandise from the store.

Any other weird gaming news you have found around the net? Maybe one day he won’t have fame for his heist but might find his self on world’s dumbest criminals. 

 Maybe he played a little too much Digger for the PSN and just wanted to try it out in real life

 Via: Game Informer

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Gotta love the dumb things people do. lol.