Gaming Confessions: DC Universe Online

Hello and welcome to the latest confession. Today in a change from the scheduled article as we have breaking news with a confession about DC Universe Online

I don’t know how or why, but I have become obsessed with this game since it was released earlier this week. I have searched for an explanation or an excuse but I can’t find one. I wasn’t part of the Beta and I didn’t pay it much attention in the weeks and months leading up to it and while I am a comic fan  I am now and always have been a Marvel guy. I can’t even blame a general addiction for MMOs as I have tried and failed miserably to get engrossed in WoW (I suffered from an information overload, there is simply too much to learn and too much to do, but that is an article for another day) I can’t even say it I have become addicted due to the superhero aspect as I tried and again gave up on City of Heroes which was also a superhero MMO.

I want to be clear, I am not complaining that I am obsessed with DC Universe Online, other than the negative impact it has on my social life and my bank balance (I took a gamble and bought the lifetime pass) I am thrilled that I am finally able to consider myself part of the PC gaming community albeit a fresh faced youngster. As it is a new release everyone is starting off at a similar experience level, there will be those who played the Beta and those who play MMOs who will have a better understanding of the games mechanics but the chasm of knowledge between those who are experienced and those who are not is a lot smaller compared to every other MMO out there.

So with no obvious personal reasons for the addiction, I can only believe that I have become obsessed because SOE have done something rare in the superhero genre and made a good game (Please don’t give me hate mail on this I know there are exceptions like Arkham Asylum and CoH but “good” superhero games that are based on an established licence can be counted on one hand) There has been so much thought put into it, capes flutter and wings flap when flying. It is touches like this that help build a better experience, it adds nothing but cosmetics to the game but there is something special, something majestic about flying through Gotham with your wings flapping and I have found myself on more than one occasions just watching as my character flies across the night sky.

Is the game perfect? No. There is room for improvement and there are some aspects of an MMO that are conspicuous with their absence i.e. There is current no auction room for you to sell goods to another player. Also from experience on the EU server there have been complaints regarding the communal chat box. There was a vocal minority who were deeply annoyed at seeing conversations being held in a foreign language in their chat box but the game crosses borders and countries and this is a side effect of a multinational game. It is awkward to see long conversations conducted in a language that I cannot understand but that is my problem, if I can’t read their language I can hardly complain if they don’t speak mine. However I would gladly accept a patch that gave me an option to pick the language of the communal chat box.

There are plenty of minor issues and suggestions that I would like to see implemented or have heard other players talk about while online and I could (and did on my first draft) spend another 700 words and possible more discussing them but this is not Platform Nation’s official review and I don’t want it to be viewed as such. This is just my opinion, my confession and my obsession.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Sounds like a cool game. Glad you like it!

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much does a lifetime pass cost? I assume that means you won’t have to pay a monthly fee?

  • The lifetime subscription is £129.00 which basically works out at 13 months of subscription in advance.

    For anyone else who is interested, it is $200 in America, and covers you for the lifetime of the product so if it pulls a WoW and lasts 6 years you never have to pay another montly subscription fee.

  • Seeing you can master the game in 30 days, it appears they took you to the bank laughing, lol.

    • You can’t master the game in 30 days…. Number one, that only gives you enough time to work on leveling up 2, maybe 3, characters (if you have other responsibilities like work or school at least). And if you play the game, there is no way you will only want to go through it with 2-3 characters b/c each play through will feel unique based on your mentor and character build.

      More importantly, the main MMO content doesn’t even start until you get up to lvl 30 anyway… There is a ton of content in this game already. With new content promised every 3 months or so.

      This is the most addictive MMO fun I’ve had in years, easily.

  • I’m rather enjoying it. I’m yet to join a league or even tackle any mission as part of a group. You don’t have to. I’ve done a spot of PvP and joined in some of the Alert instances and quite enjoyed it. I’m already level 20, nigh on 21.. which is shockingly close to the level cap. Will be good to go back through as a villain and other character types to round out the experience.

    It does seem a bit MMO-Lite in that it doesn’t entail lots of grind, but that’s mostly what I despise in MMOs anyway. Yes there is still “Kill 10 people, pick up their loot” stuff, but you don’t find that you’re best served by standing in an area and grinding away at the same mobs over and over. It’s rare to spend anything more than 30 minutes in a single spot.

    I wish they’d spawn more instances for PvP / Alert / Legend stuff. Typically when I get to play I’ve got an expected 60 minute wait time to enter a Legend instance. Not interested in even attempting to join under those circumstances.

  • DC Universe is a big title for an MMO and Sony Online Entertainment is really cashing in on it but I don’t think I’ll be getting this game because I already have COH/COV and Champions. These two are already a sandbox in terms of hero creation. As much as I want to become a sidekick to Superman and Batman like everyone else but getting another superhero MMO is not practical. Anyway, have fun everyone!