Get PC Indie Game, Aurora Free, For Limited Time

I feel like 2011 is the year we start to appreciate indie games. And what a better way to start the year by highlighting a game PC indie game, Aurora: a simplified real-time strategy game, which is usually $5, is free for a limited time. Let me give you a little bit of info about Aurora;

Aurora is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game.

You have only one type of unit to command and only one type of order to give those units. You and your opponents start the game with equal resources. Quick reflexes will get you nowhere. The only path to victory is through clever strategy.

Aurora features a slow, floating feel and gorgeous minimalistic graphics. The entire world pulses to the rhythm of ambient music, and the player’s actions evoke sounds that smoothly coalesce into melody.

This game is meant to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience. Every action has its reaction, and every option has its costs. Aurora is a game in which your choices matter.

I’m not sure as to how long the game is free, but why not download it here, support an indie dev and report any bugs you might find. You can find out more info here and see a trailer and screenshots below.

Thanks Reddit user and developer, Tetragrammaton!

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