Apple CEO Takes Medical Leave

While not strictly gaming related itself, I feel that this is something that the Nation deserves to know.

Apple CEO and public figurehead Steve Jobs has asked the board of directors for a leave of absence to focus on his health.

While it may seem odd to publish a report about the health of a company CEO Steve Jobs is so closely tied with Apple that the slightest hint that he is leaving the company even temporarily sends stock prices downwards. Steve Jobs is often credited with turning Apple into the success it is today as under his tenure Apple has launched the iMac, iPad and of course the iPod which is the most significant change to the music industry since the Sony Walkman.

In the past Steve Jobs took a leave of absence for a liver transplant as part of treatment for pancreatic cancer.

While it hasn’t been revealed if this latest period of leave is due the cancer returning or something else I’m sure that the rest of Platform Nation will join me in wishing Steve Jobs a speedy recovery.

Source: BBC News

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