Gears Of War Triple Pack Heading Our Way

Hot on our heels is Gears of War Triple Pack.  The Triple Pack is set to include the original game and the sequel and let’s not forget the Gears of War 2 All Fronts pack and the DLC Road to Ruin.  The only thing not included in the pack is the Hidden Fronts map pack but that will be available for download via Xbox LIVE at no extra charge.  So what is this going to cost you in the end and when can we expect it?  Well the game will set you back $30 and we will be available February 15th a day late for Valentines Day but I would imagine your Valentine can wait a day for some Gears of War Triple Pack action.

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  • i like it and I’m happy to see they didnt squeeze something in there that I dont already own from my collectors editions.