Help Name Slam Bolt Scrappers Characters

The folks over at Fire Hose need our help.  As you may know the team over at Fire Hose have been hard at work to bring us Slam Bolt Scrappers for the PlayStation Network and they need some help naming the two characters in the above picture.  So where can you vote?  Here is a handy link to go cast your vote, so head over and let your voice be heard and cast your vote.  Here is a little more about Slam Bolt Scrappers:

It’s a mash up of building and brawling! Race against your opponents to build the most powerful towers in Slam Bolt City, while defending against deviously charming baddies and epic bosses. Play with up to three of your friends in the co-op campaign or go head to head in the simple, yet surprisingly deep competitive battle mode.
Game Features:

Up to four players in the fast and frantic co-op campaign, and competitive battle mode
Match colored blocks to build missile launchers, laser batteries, drill cannons, and other devastating weaponry
Jet-pack fueled, mid-air brawling that lets you unleash powerful attacks on enemies while flying through the sky above your towers
Bomb-spitting baddies, chicken riding demons, sombreros, and of course, A GIANT ROBOT BOSS THAT SHOOTS LASERS FROM ITS FACE.

Here is a video introduction for each character.

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