Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

EA has taken a new and different approach to advertising for Dead Space 2.  Rather than show gamers the merits of their game, give some teasers to the story, and hype gameplay to entice gamers to buy the latest installment, they instead decided to horrify allegedly unsuspecting moms by showing them a clip of what I can only imagine is what was submitted to the ESRB  to show why the game was M-rated.  To get a full appreciation of this, check out their link showing exactly what they did.  It brought me to this question:

Did EA go too far with this advertising choice? Will this, in the long run, hurt the credibility of gaming?

I immediately thought of the legal battles going on to make the sale of M rated games to minors illegal in the United States (contrary to some thoughts, it is not a federal law; most stores that sell games voluntarily enforce the ratings system).  This video, in my opinion, clearly targets a demographic that includes children under the age of 17, and reminded me of Joe Camel as a method of allegedly advertising to young kids, and I just felt it wasn’t appropriate.  Did you feel the same way watching it?  I don’t deny that the video is effective and different and fresh, I just question the target demographic.

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  • I agree 100%, I was very uncomfortable watching the commercials for this. There is already so much ammunition against gaming, some invented or a stretch (DOOM and the Columbine kids) and some unfortunately more down to earth (the studies of children and aggression and violent video games.) Certainly EA knows this and considering that they make their living off of gaming, why would they choose to feed the fire?

    Also, if you are worried that your mom might hate this game, then you are probably under 18 and should not be playing the game. I support free gaming and the idea that games are art, but this violent for violence’s sake is a dangerous route to take.

  • Lou

    It’s really not as scary as they are pretending this game to be, it’s a thriller game if anything. I have played Dead Space 2, those moms are actors and were paid to make those expressions, that’s why it is called a “viral” video. It’s a fun game tho, going to try it on the move.