The Sims 3 To Be A Nintendo 3DS Launch Title

Among the huge slew of big franchises set to grace Nintendo’s latest handheld later this year, it appears EA’s The Sims is going to be kicking since the very beginning, as it was announced today The Sims 3 is going to be a launch title for the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS. It also seems it wont be a toned-down version but a full-fledged iteration of the beloved series. In The Sims 3 3DS you’ll be able to do absolutely everything you were able to in the PC counterpart, but it’ll also have some exclusive features for 3DS users, like the ability to use the handheld’s camera in order to create a Sim that looks just like you (or anyone you know). In addition, the game will make use of the StreetPass feature, so you can share your creations with random people you walk by, as well as making good use of the gyroscope and touch screen for fun implementations of the Karma Powers.

Yeah, that looks good!

The Sims 3 proved a Sims game was possible and fun in the consoles; let’s see how the handheld edition will turn out. Stay tuned!

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