Killzone 3 Gives Socom Love

Thinking about picking up Killzone 3 when it releases on February 22nd well then you are in luck if you ar a Socom fan. Picking up the standalone or Helghast edition of the game nets you a beta of Socom 4. If you are already looking to pick up Socom 4 this is a great way to check out what the game has in store for players. Killzone 3 will take gamers on an adventure continuing the story right after the ending of Killzone 2.

To get early access to the beta, look for the SOCOM 4 call-out on the front of all eligible copies of Killzone 3 (including both the standalone and Helghast Editions). Inside the box you’ll find a PSN code that you’ll be able to redeem for your early access as soon as the beta goes live. To find out when the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta begins, be sure to check back at once you pick up your copy of Killzone 3, hitting shelves on February 22nd.

Via: Game Informer

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