You Don’t Know Jack Coming To Consoles In February

There’s a game coming out in a couple of weeks that is flying pretty low under the radar.  At Platform Nation, we like to make sure you know about these games ahead of time so you know what to look out for, and You Don’t Know Jack is one of those games you’re going to want to make an effort to pick up.

For those who don’t know … (I’ll avoid the pun here) what I’m talking about, YDKJ was a party quiz game whose glory days peaked back in the late 1990s.  Up to 3 players would tackle several rounds of (usually) multiple choice questions while being berated by the show’s host, Cookie (who will be making his return in this game as well).  The charm of the game was in both the presentation (which had a fantastic sense of humor about it throughout in the questions, the responses Cookie would have to your answers, the way the rounds were announced, and much  more), and in the different ways players could score points (Jack Attacks, Screws, DidOrDat, etc).  It also had a great way of asking certain questions that would make a very simple question (What’s 3 x 4) require more thought (If you took the number of classes available in Dragon Age and the number of party members you could have intimate relations with [not considering gender restrictions], how many different combinations of medieval magic could you experience?) (And yes, I made that question up, the actual ones are far superior).

The game saw incredible success in an age where the multiplayer was restricted to people being in the same room.  On February 8th, everyone will finally be able to  enjoy YDKJ online against their friends.  Trust me when I tell you that this will be the most fun you will have with a trivia game ever. Or don’t trust me, and be all upset when people who did trust me tell you about this awesome new game that you knew actually wasn’t new, but didn’t trust the person telling you to buy enough to buy it (catch all that?).   It’s currently listed on for preorder for just $29.99 (original retail will be $39.99), so if you want it, grab it while it’s on the cheap!  It will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS, and is rated T for teen.

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  • Been waiting for this one for a long time…