Bioserie iPod Touch 4G Case Review

Bioserie have released a unique range of iPod Touch 4G cases coming in a variety of colours. And I was lucky enough get my hands on one of the white cases.

The plant based bioplastic cover helps you protect your iPod Touch from scratches and smashing it on the floor while protecting the environment with reduced carbon footprint and no toxins.

The packaging for the case was very simple but has a great design on it. And getting it out of the package and setting it up was extremely simple, as guided by the little leaflet included in the box.

After a week using the case I can say that the case itself is fantastic. It fits perfectly onto my iPod Touch 4G and keeps it secured. I haven’t had any issues with the case weakening yet after a week of heavy use. The design of the case could be better, but Bioserie Cases are made from non-toxic bioplastic so you can’t expect many extravagant designs. Reduced carbon footprint and no toxins make this cover great for anyone who cares about the environment.

It fits comfortably in my hand and the grip on the back is fantastic for keeping it securely in your hands, whether your on a bumpy bus or just sit at home.  Thankfully I haven’t dropped my iPod Touch 4G yet so I can’t comment if it can cushion the fall.

Adam’s Final Say: This case is a great case for your iPod Touch 4G. The design is average but the grip, tight fit around your iPod and the environmentally friendly plastics make this case definitely worth a buy.

Pick one up on the bioserie website – here!

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