New This Week 23rd January 2011

Welcome, dear reader, to this issue of New This Week. In this weekly post a Platform Nation writer fills you in on this weeks new video games releases and gives you his or her pick of the litter. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Multi Format (PS3, X360, PC)

Dead Space 2 – 1/25/2011:
This sequel to the popular survival horror/action game Dead Space has been long in the waiting, but is finally arriving for fans this week. Touting the catch phrase “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2” the producers have been using negative press to drum up interest and maybe even a little controversy.
Be sure to read what P*N writers Tym Kaywork and Mitchel Broussard have to say on the topic of this new catchphrase.

Two Worlds II – 1/25/2011: P*N Writers Pick of the Week
Picking my personal favorite upcoming title was almost impossible with some many good games coming out, but I finally decided on Two Worlds II. The reason behind the choice is simple: If Dead Space 2 is anything like the first it will be an awesome game. Two Worlds II has a lot to prove and a lot of potential, hence my Pick of the Week.

Despite the slightly redundant name, Two Worlds II is an anticipated sequel to the original 2007 release. The first title was a lackluster affair, making it a love or hate title, but take heart, producers SouthPeak has promised to improve on the first game in every way and in doing so knock the original right out of the park. Be sure to watch the the Developers Dairies and to check out Brian Heitzenrater unboxing of Two Worlds II Royal Edition.

Breach – (X360, PC) – 1/26/2011:

Breach is a first-person shooter multiplayer experience that offers players the Destruction Toolbox, a whole new set of real military tactics that are not possible in any other military game. You use these tactics to shock, manipulate and obliterate your opponents. Promising accurate weapons, gear and gadgets of the clandestine services, Breach promises a new form of military shooter.

Nintendo DS

Paws & Claws Marine Rescue – 1/25/2011:

Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release is the catchphrase for this game. You will be able to provide search & rescue for various injured marine animals, treat them with the medical tools at your disposal and then release them safely back into the wild.
I know nothing of this title personally, however I think we can safely take the game at its word.

PlayStation Portable

Lords of Arcana – 1/25/2011:

This new Square Enix action-rpg promises both a solid single player experience as well as a four person offline co-op. Boasting violent monster killing gameplay and a variety of weapons and armor, this is one hack & slash that is sure to please. While I love the idea of this title, I personally think the offline co-op option will be largely unused. Nonetheless, be sure to give this portable action title some serious consideration.

All of these titles are available through the Platform Nation Amazon Store.

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  • not sure Paws & Claws Marine Rescue wasn’t your pick of the week 🙂

    Dead Space 2 for me is a must buy as i’m still all about the single player campaigns

  • Yeah, I Dead Space 2 is going to be awesome, of that I have no doubt. I am excited to see how Two Worlds II will do however, hence the choice. Between DS2, TWII and Lords of Arcana there is a lot of the new releases I want to play 🙂

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    All I can say for now is Two Worlds II won’t disappoint. 😉