Retailers Leak Possible Price Range For 3DS Games

Nintendo hasn’t announced any solid price points for the software of the 3DS yet, but if you’ve done some searching online, you may have discovered some retailers have done it themselves. Gamestop, for instance, lists Super Street Fighter IV 3D at $39.99, which seems like a pretty comfortable price point. On the other hand, they also list Dead or Alive Dimensions at $49.99. Other sites like Amazon have this $20 price difference, too. Joystiq has more information on the prices out-of-country retailers have on the 3DS’s games.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer reports that UK retailer Game has confirmed the standard software price will be £39.99 in the region, though other UK retailers have prices listed as low as £32.99. Finally, we perused Amazon France and spotted prices of €49.95 and €59.95.

I think most of everyone was expecting something around $40 bucks for the system’s games, and that’s what I’m hoping for. I always had a ton of DS games because they were cheaper and I impulsed bought them more often for just that reason. I could understand why the 3DS’s game prices may need to break the $50 mark (I mean, those 3D Blu Ray movies are like forty-something bucks), but that would definitely make me stop and wonder if I really want the game. And considering all of the games I’m already dying to play, this may be a good thing.

via Joystiq

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