Portal 2 Has Two Endings, User Created Content For All

Which platform are you getting Portal 2 on? PC, Xbox 360 or even PS3? Either way you will have access to all of the user-created maps that the community create for the game, this was revealed in a recent interview.

Obviously the Mod tools will only be available for the PC platform. But the (what I can imagine) extremely creative maps will be available to be played on all three platforms that the game is hitting at release. I’m sure it won’t be as simple as just publishing the maps to all three platforms in the click of a button but I’m certain Valve will have a trick up their sleeve when it comes to getting fantastic content out to all the Portal 2 gamers.

That’s not all though Portal 2 fans. The Single Player and Co-op game modes will have two completely different endings. I assumed this was the case anyway but the confirmation makes me even more excited to see what songs will be instant memes within a couple days of release.

Portal 2 is hitting shelves April 20th in North America, and April 22 in Europe

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  • Dazzill

    Man that sounded kinda like bullshit lol…”I’m either with my girlfriend or playing” , “If I’m not at work then I’m playing games” ha ha. Sorry to give ya shit, but if you are that worried people won’t think your sad just because you write something about a game, a great game at that, you sorta come off as insecure about the reality of your situation. Don’t know you so I’m obviously not certain but reguardless, you should never make excusses for being a gamer. We have been convinced we need to be half heartedly ashamed of our love for the video arts for far too long and I for one am not going to take it anymore! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED GAMERS, FOR THE TIME IS UPON US!! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!! GAMER PRIDE!!!!