The Harvest Review (Windows Phone 7)

Game Review: The Harvest
Release: 10/16/10
Developer: Luma Arcade
MSRP: $7.99
Size: 144.897 MB
Website: Zune Marketplace

the harvest

If you were interested at all in the new Windows Phone 7 and its Xbox LIVE functionality, you’ve probably seen screenshots or video of The Harvest. The flagship launch title for WP7 (and one of the most expensive games on the platform), The Harvest is impressive, both from a graphical and technological standpoint. It is the game you will show your friends when they ask about your phone. But, as they say, beauty is only skin deep.

The Harvest features a plot that’s so well worn its practically gossamer. Aliens have attacked earth and its up to you, as a Global Defense Force member, to stop them. The smack down will be dealt as one of three different classes of soldier which you choose at the beginning of the game. You will be flipping switches to open doors, backtracking to previous areas to find said doors, and killing a lot of aliens in the process. It’s a good time but can get tedious.

the harvest

As I said, this game is one of the best looking on any mobile platform. The controls work very well. Just tap the enemy you want to focus your attacks on and watch it die. The main problem with this is, your character has the tendency to stand there once the enemy you tapped is dead, even though there are other enemies actively attacking him. It makes for little extra babysitting but doesn’t mar the experience too badly.

Leveling up and loot collection is a big portion of The Harvest. This is a dungeon crawler through and through. It will be tough going in the beginning, but as you level up and collect items that boost your endurance, skill, and accuracy you’ll be cruising through to one of the 4 end bosses in style. Speaking of the end bosses, they are relatively easy to beat. Each one requires you to use one of your special abilities to weaken it or take it down. Achievements unlock easily, although a few of them are on the more difficult side, mainly the one that requires a play through as each of the three classes.

the harvest

What The Harvest lacks in depth, it makes up for in beautiful graphics. It is expensive, though. The chance to play through it three times as different classes with different abilities does soften the blow a bit. Of course, that is if you like grindy dungeon crawlers. If you have a Windows Phone 7, this should be in your library.

-Graphically impressive for a mobile game.
-Multiple playthroughs offer some variety.
-$8? Really?!


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