Dead Or Alive Dimensions Location Test

Tecmo Koei is going to do what they call a “location test” for Dead or Alive Dimensions for the 3DS.  The test will be held at the Tecmo Koei office on February 5th in the Ichigaya, Tokyo area in the afternoon. Players will be able to try a location test only version of the game and listen to a developer talk. Three Dead or Alive champions from North America are also being invited to the event. The modes showcased during the event are the arcade mode, wireless versus mode, chronicle mode, and tag challenge mode.

It is quite unusual for a video game to be location tested as arcade games are the ones normally being location tested and I have two theories about the possible reasons for this uncommon decision. My first theory is Tecmo Koei is using the event to see if the they have any major flaws to work out before release like extremely unbalanced gameplay. My second theory is Tecmo Koei is using this event to gain popularity for the game. I believe that Tecmo Koei is trying to give this game as much exposure as they can due to the departure of Tomonobu Itagaki the Dead or Alive series was left for dead. This game can either revitalize the series or cause it be forgotten in the flow of time.

Raidou kicking Ayane with one of the Tekken-like flashes appearing.


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