Rumour – Epic Mickey Developer Set To Make Major Layoffs

Another month goes by and yet another rumour of layoffs at a games developer.

Disney have announced that they are in the process of restructuring its interactive group, in the long run I hope this will lead to a higher quality of games and the end of the cheap and shameless TV and movie tie in. However you can’t restructure and keep things they way they are and unfortunately this means job loses and studio closures.

As of today we only have one confirmed kill which is Propaganda studios who made Tron: Evolution and were working of the excellent looking Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned until it was cancelled.

Over the last few days rumours have been circling the internet, I have checked for confirmation of this but have been unable to confirm, however with Disney admittedly restructuring and one studio closure already it is likely to be true; at least partially.

The rumour is that Junction Point, the studio helmed by Warren Spector which produced Epic Mickey has been forced to make some lay-offs. Numbers vary depending on who you ask but some rumours have the cuts as high as 50% of the total workforce. **Updated**

Again, this is only a rumour at the moment and I would take it with a grain of salt. If we get confirmation then we will announce it here at Platform Nation. If these rumours are proven to be true then I would like to wish all the staff affected the best and I hope they find a new home soon.

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