Best Of The Bad Bunch:#9

Welcome to another week of Best of The Bad Bunch, this week is more of a bestiary then usual as I wanted it to tie in with this weeks releases.  With Dead Space 2 making its presence known this week I present you with a guide to some of the more deadly forms of the dreaded Necromorphs.

** Please Note: Spoiler Alert**

These are “boss” level Necromorphs and as such this article contains spoilers. What it does not contain is a guide to defeating each of them, although it does contain helpful hints.

The Hunter

The Hunter first appears in Chapter  5: Lethal Devotion as one of Challus Mercer’s experiments. Slowly stalking Issac  , the Hunter presents an extreme threat throughout the whole chapter and cannot be defeated via normal means.  The Hunter’s limbs can be cut off to slow it down but these do regenerate over time.

The Leviathan

The Leviathan is a large Necromporh that has grown into the space within the USG Ishimura’s food storage facility. This enemy is featureless except for a single mouth and three orifices which sprout tentacles. The Leviathan is seemingly weak against fire, Shooting the explosive pods whilst still in The Leviathan’s mouth does do extra damage.

The Slug

At the end of the 8th level of Dead Space, The Slug attacks the hull of the USG Ishimura. Isaac has to utilize Anti Asteroid Cannon ADS 48 to fight against it. The Slug is placid until attacked when it rears up and exposes its weak spots. The slug has a weak spot at the end of each of its 5 tentacles which must be destroyed to fend off its attacks.

The Spider

The Spider is the second boss from Dead Space: Extraction and is the only boss to be fought outside the Ishimura by Extraction’s main man Nathan McNeil, The spider has an armor plated mouth which spawns leapers. The Spider cannot be killed and forces McNeil to hack his own arm off by piercing his arm.

The Urchin

The Urchin is the first of the Dead Space: Extraction’s 2 bosses and like most of the advanced Necromorph’s is tentacle based. The Urchin is an aquatic creature and has a weak spot in the form of a tentacle topped with yellow cartilage. The trick here is to use kinesis to throw the explosive barrels back at the giant, of course this isn’t the complete guide to the battle but if done correctly will certainly do some damage.

You may have noticed there are no enemies from Dead Space 2 here. well that is because I haven’t played it yet and even if I had I wouldn’t want to spoil a single moment. Sadly those of us on the other side of the water (Europe) still have 2 more days to wait before unleashing the terror.

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