Killzone 3 Demo To Hit PSN February 8

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber that is. If you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then February 15 will be the day you will be waiting for. That will give you a week to try out the demo before the game hits the store shelves. I’ve played a little of the beta so far, and I’ve played it in 3D and with Move during the Penny Arcade Expo and I can’t wait for this. It’s a fun shooter that looks amazing and it brings a unique multiplayer experience, one that I was a huge fan of.

via Oh, and if you haven’t seen all the weapons yet for Killzone 3, here is a link that should get you pretty excited.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I take it the demo is from the single player campaign? 

    I too can not wait for this one to come out. Going to be pretty epic. 

  • @Brian yes it is.