APB: Reloaded Recruiting For Beta

This morning I was graced with a very interesting e-mail. The folks over at Gamersfirst have announced and are forcefully recruiting players for their closed beta test of the newly-named game. Here’s the e-mail I received:

Dear Jon,

You’re one of the first to be invited to sign up for the Closed Beta launch of APB: Reloaded! Sign up today for your chance to be a Closed Beta tester. Remember, if you don’t sign up, you won’t have the chance to be one of the first to take back the mean streets of San Paro.

When you sign up, we’ll make sure you receive the latest APB news, including information about restoring your old character. Click here to get started!

See you in-game,

The APB: Reloaded Team

They sent this out to all former players of APB: All Points Bulletin, assuming that those would be the most interested (especially considering we can reload our old characters!). But if anyone else is desiring to check out the streets, they can follow the link above or go to

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