Dragon Age Legends Coming To A Facebook Account Near You

So the Facebook games have become something like an epidemic of epic proportions; a pandemic if you will. Much like the AH1N1 virus did a couple of years ago, Facebook has become an incredibly popular platform for casual games that rely on real-time resources management for their gameplay mechanics. Most gamers argue this is not real gaming, as all you do is keep clicking with no meaningful objective, learning curve or difficulty.

A couple of high-profile franchises, like FIFA, have joined the social gaming bandwagon and it seems the critically acclaimed Dragon Age series is about to follow suit with the impending release of the tie-in title Dragon Age Legends. Bur fear not, developer EA2D seems confident Legends will appeal to the hardcore gamer; offering strategic turn-based combat mechanics, as well as party customization and optimization, where a lack of effective resource gathering and a poorly executed strategy could leave your party done for.

The game will follow the story of Viscount Ravi, who sends you on a rescue mission for his son. It will naturally be free, but the latter missions will have a cost, yet to be disclosed by the developers… this is still a Facebook game, remember?

It all sound and looks fairly promising, specially if you’re a Dragon Age nut, but just how well will it control? It’s up to you to decide if this is the next level of social gaming evolution; go here for a chance to participate in the closed beta (and to learn a bit more about the game).

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