NGP Announcement: The Morning After

Even for those of you who didn’t bother to stay awake (or live in Tokyo) to catch any of the Sony or any other outlet’s liveblog of the PlayStation Meeting 2011, you’ve almost invariably already heard about the Next Generation Portable, the handheld formerly (and hopefully will once again be) known as the PSP2. You can catch our announcement coverage here, but as of this morning, even more goodies have come our way.

First off are some official pictures of the device. Within this gallery, you get a very clear picture of the NGP in its entirety, though the rear touchpad still makes little to no sense despite Uncharted‘s Drake being shown moving and stealth killing dudes with the front and back touch inputs.

Speaking of other huge Sony franchises, most of what you come to think of when someone talks about PlayStation exclusives have jumped aboard the NGP train, such as Killzone, Resistance, and LittleBigPlanet, though nothing is confirmed as “final” at this point.

You’ll also notice that in what appears to be the one official, multipurpose screenshot of the home UI, things as a whole bear an uncanny resemblance to what could be interpreted as an Android device’s home screen: signal strength and networking monitoring, battery status icon, multiple home screens (as foretold by the bumps on the left). I hope this means that this and the PlayStation Phone won’t further segment the Sony mobile game development space.

And finally, there is a “concept video” of the NGP (this copy in particular comes courtesy of Giant Bomb), which ostensibly serves to show what the world would be like if Nicolas Cage’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, PSN, and Surf Ninjas all collided with reality.

The only thing that really comes out of this is that trophies will be tied in with NGP games, in which case god damn because now I might have to get one.

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