Free Xbox Live Weekend 1/28-1/31

For those gamers that do not prefer to pay for Xbox Live we have some good news for you.  This weekend non paying Live members will be able to log onto Xbox Live as a Gold member and experience the perks of a paid subscriber does.  The free weekend kicks of today January 28th at 12:00 PM EST and will run until January 31st 12:00 PM EST.  So be sure to to take advantage of the free weekend if you are not a Gold member and why not checkout some of the awesome demos that are currently available.

Major Nelson

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  • Ross Phillips (Ross77)

    Ahhhh, the joy of being a PS3 user and not having to pay to play online!

    • dude people on ps3 suck the online experience can not even be compared to the 360 and plus buying live is not bad if we get first looks and first chance on the grab of events like dlc for popular games ps3 can go suck on my chubby hard nipples get your facts right before saying positives for the nub sony produced ps3

  • Its just been confirmed that the free weekend has been cancelled for Europe. No explanation given

  • Any Idea why it’s not working yet?

  • PSN: XxKAM113YxX! Gamertag for the 360 is : ViZi0N II KaMM