“Megaman Gigamix” To Fight On American Comic Shelves

It’s fitting, in a way. Archie Comics is about to launch it’s own Megaman book, focusing on the original blue bomber. UDON Entertainment, the art team that’s worked intricately with Capcom on various projects, has been releasing various art books alongside the Megamix storyline. Continuing this trend, UDON has announced the release of Megaman Gigamix.

Megaman Gigamix is a three-volume comic book collection by Hitoshi Ariga. Totalling 600 pages over the three, the first volume chronicles the adventures of Megaman 3, which leads into the battle of all robotkind, good and evil, against the Stardroids of Megaman V. The first volume will hit shelves on May 4th. Amazon already has it up for preorder.

I definitely know I’ll get it at some point. UDON’s been nothing but respectful with Capcom licenses.

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