“PlayStation Move Heroes” To Move Some Moves

Did you want to get into the PlayStation Move game without playing a Wii Sports-esque title? Did you miss out on the Toys R Us EyePet bundle? Sony’s announced that you’ll get a second chance, with a bundle with the upcoming platformer, PlayStation Move Heroes. Alongside the standard edition of the game, the mega toy store will be bundling it with the EyeToy camera and Move controller for $99.99.

Sony also makes not to preorder the title to get exclusive skins, but ironically, TRU is not participating in this preorder bonus. GameStop and Amazon, though, are taking part. Both versions of the game street March 22nd. Is this enough for you to bite down on the Move-ment?

Me? I think it’ll take No More Heroes before I sign on, since a platformer joining three Sony franchises I never played doesn’t exactly sell me.

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  • I was waiting for a reason to buy Move and this is the reason. PlayStation Move Heroes is going to be awesome. I got to see the game but I did not get to play the game This game brings some great Sony franchises together and smashes them together for an awesome game.

    • Yeah, I agree. This is a much better bundle than the Sports Champion one. I think this really shows off the Move’s “gamer” type quality that it has to offer. I recently just tried this with Dead Space 2, really amazing, took some getting used to but actually adds a whole other dimension to the game.