Sisters And Sentinels Smash “Marvel VS. Capcom 3”

Long rumored and finally confirmed, Capcom has added two fan favorites to the Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds. Hailing from Darkstalkers, Hsien-Ko is actually a pair of Chinese twins turned into a vampire. Hailing from fights with the X-Men over the decades, a Sentinel has now changed it’s mission from killing mutants to eradicating all opponents. The battle for the fate of two worlds has escalated. Capcom has disabled embedding of the videos, but you can see them on the official Capcom Unity YouTube page.

Both Hsien-Ko and the Sentinel have been featured as recently as Marvel VS. Capcom 2 in that continuity, and various games in their own franchises. Hsien-Ko joins Felicia and Morrigan, continuing the all-female icons of the Darkstalkers stories. Sentinels have, oddly enough, been mutant-kind’s protectors as of late. Sentinel Squad O*N*E was tasked with defending the dwindling number of mutants, after the Scarlet Witch decimated their race. Traditionally giant robots, this game retains the VS. stylings of making Sentinels Hulk-sized.

But, hey, everything doesn’t need to be comic-book current. Jean Grey has been dead for a few years now…

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