Cloud Based Game Saves Coming To The PlayStation 3?

According to a recent article over on, an online save system might be coming our way.

Kotaku has learned that earlier today, Sony informed developers of a new feature for the PlayStation 3: the ability to save games in the “cloud”.

Cloud storage means that, rather than just keeping your save game data on your PlayStation 3’s hard drive, users will be given the option to upload their saves remotely to a server. The advantage of this is that not only does it save the user space on their hard drive, but since it’s tied to a PlayStation Network account, it can be pulled down to different consoles whenever and wherever the user desires.

This is great news, no longer would gamers have to worry about transferring game saves, backing up game saves, it will all be up in the “cloud.” There is one drawback for several of the PlayStation 3 gamers out there, the rumor is that having a PlayStation Plus account will be a requirement. If you happen to be one of the people that listen in weekly to the Lock and Load podcast, then you already know how I feel about PlayStation Plus and what a deal it already is. Adding a online save system to the system alone would be worth that price. Now the rumor is that this service would be come to the PlayStation with the firmware 3.60 update which currently doesn’t have a date, but now, it probably has to be one of the most anticipated firmware updates for the PlayStation 3.

So the big question I have for all you PlayStation 3 gamers, if you don’t already have a PlayStation Plus account, will this be what it takes for you to upgrade to Plus? Leave your thoughts below.

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