Dead Space 2 Secret Weapon

***This Does Contain Spoilers***

For those of you that complete Dead Space 2 on hardcore you will be awarded a secret weapon that will make you the coolest Necromorphs killer on the block.  So what is this secret weapon?  The secret weapon is a foam finger, much like those you would see fans waving in the stands of your favorite sports arena.  But you are a killing machine and what good is a foam finger?  We have the answer below for you to take a look at.

Pretty cool if you ask me, now if I could only beat Dead Space 2 on hardcore, I too could be sporting the Hand Cannon.

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  • Haha I have PC games older than you!

  • i cant wait to get this wep!im doubtfull i can beat hard core mode though cuase you only get 3 saves theres not much ammo and the monsters are very hard to kill

  • well i have done hardcore without saving at all