Legendary Wars Now On iTunes

Orange County, CA — January 27, 2011 — Liv Games announces their highly anticipated hybrid fantasy game, Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPod touch. After more than a year in the making, the project is a true labor of love for the independent development team.

Look forward to immersing game play battles may feel like they take hours to complete but only take a short time to run through. You feel like a commander standing on a hill over looking your soldiers, while still getting a feel of the battle in front of you. How you play is totally up to you and your strategy fight with brute to take the enemies by force, maybe brains are your strong point win with cunning. Either way your job is to save Legendaria by any means possible ready the troops this is war.

Legendary Wars offers an immaculate blend of traditional RTS, RPG and castle defense game-play set in a beautifully crafted, lighthearted fantasy world.

Legendary Wars makes it hard not to enjoy the game by combining RTS elements with RPG aspects then throwing castle defense in for an extra boost. Skill, smarts brains and overall brute force must be utilized to weigh the wages of war to your favor. Battle will take place over 5 lands each with 50 different levels unique game play mechanics and unlockables give the player areas to expand on.

Super-smooth animation and 6 beautiful environments with eye-popping parallax scrolling give a fantastic look to the game.

Legendary Wars doesn’t skimp on visual style Liv Games included many lush colorful details. Find yourself enjoying the rich color contrast between your war torn unite and the colors of the lively background. Each of the environments feels like they should providing just the right ambiance to make the game play seem more realistic. Players surround by the experience of the game will find environments fitting to the battle and war they just raged on their iPod.

Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

Looking for more information about LivGames or Legendary Wars, please visit friend and follow them on Facebook and Twitter: @LivGames,

Make sure to check back here soon for a review of Legendary Wars

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  • This game looks awesome. I’m glad to see things coming along nicely on the iOS store, but I still think that 3rd person action and 1st person shooters are horrible on there : ( controls just aren’t on point yet.

    • Yeah I know what you mean of the 3rd person action and 1st person shooters I have played none live up to my expectation. Would love to see a better offering come out that makes me not want to put my Ipod down

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Hope this comes to XBLA, otherwise, I’ll never get a chance to play it. Looks really cool though. Thanks for sharing Ross. =)