Bit.Trip Flux Trailer: Beginning Of The End

CommanderVideo has been on a six-game journey across the industry starting with Bit.Trip Beat for WiiWare in 2009 and culminating now in Bit.Trip Flux come some time in the hopefully near future. Each game has been wildly different from the next, though they all feature the same iconic Gaijin Games‘ mascot CommanderVideo in some way or another and familiar, 8-bit-ish looks (or “80s aesthetics,” as they put it) with a pleasant twist on known but evolving game types.

That being said, however, it appears that when they says CommanderVideo is returning “home,” they really mean it as Bit.Trip Flux appears to be the same gameplay as Bit.Trip Beat but with “mid-level checkpoints” and “new power-ups.” However, that’s just at a cursory glance and a completely preliminary presumption. Knowing the Gaijin Games guys, that’s merely the start.

Source from Gaijin Games via Nintendo Life.

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