“Marvel VS. Capcom 3” From Start To Finish Spoiled

Anxiously awaiting the newest fighter on the block? Disappointed that you’re local GameStop isn’t doing a midnight release (I know mine isn’t)? The wait can be lessened a little bit, as it seems some enterprising YouTubers have played the game already, and have leaked the opening intro and final boss battle.

First off, the opening cinematic devoid of dialogue includes bits we’ve seen (the SHIELD Helicarrier), alongside some strange new ones, such as Haggar defending a political poster of his. Oddly, he’s now running for Mayor of New York instead of Metro City, and hanging out with Felicia. You can watch all three minutes of it now and save some time later.

Secondly, the final boss battle has been confirmed to be Galactus, devourer of worlds. It also possibly explains some of the silver Doom we’ve seen before; it looks like Galactus employs his own Silver Surfer-esque copies of heroes and villains for you to fight. Special note is the awesome “EARTH K.O.” that will blare when you refuse to ultimately nullify the big baddie.

No word if you’ll eventually be able to play as Galactus, but I’d pay good DLC money to play as his daughter, Galacta.

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  • How cool would it have been if Galactus had Tyrax as an assist character. I personally think CAPCOM was a bit lazy in this aspect using Dr. Doom. That would have been sweet if You could see Tyrax in the background havouring over earth on his astroid which is like the Silver Surfer’s board to Tyrax and knowing he’s just waiting to strike. Anyone who knows comics knows Galactus had many heralds, the Silver Surfer is just the most popular one.

    • Not to sound like a spelling-correcting-douche but I believe you’re referring to Terrax, right? The dude with the axe and used to be Galactus’ herald…

  • lol what is galactis standing on?

  • word lol he should be falling.