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Serious Sam 3 Announced

This might not be as exciting as it could have been, what with Duke Nukem Forever coming out soon, but Serious Sam is getting another game. Not a lot has been said about Serious Sam 3: BFE…well, I mean, unless you count the press release, complete with bullet points. Cue the bullets points: Frantic Arcade-Style […]

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2K Australia Head Resigns During XCOM Development

Joystiq took notice of what “Internet-sleuthing” specialist @supererogatory discovered via LinkedIn: Martin Slater, studio director of 2K Australia, resigned earlier this month which, for those keeping track, is right smack dab in the middle of development of 2K’s XCOM reboot. Joystiq also managed to get a hold of a 2K spokesperson who said “while we […]

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Valve’s Big Picture At GDC

“Big picture,” however, meaning their “big picture mode” and not some sort of grand scheme, though it’s possible there’s more to this press release than meets the eye. Valve released a little gem today at GDC via this press release that revealed their latest enhancement to Steam: big picture mode. It’s what Doug Lombardi, VP […]

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