Catwoman And Luthor’s Futures In “DC Universe Online”

It looks like Sony and DC Comics want to look into the future with two new videos for DC Universe Online, as seen on IGN. The multiplatform multiplayer online action game for both the PlayStation 3 and Windows (laughably, any time you see project head and DC co-publisher Jim Lee playing it, it’s on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp) has an interesting take on the universe, if not the multiverse. Set in a world where Lex Luthor has supplied superpowers to humanity to fend off an attack from Brainiac

The first video looks at a potential future, but the game’s past. Revealing some more of the future that a Lex Luthor escaped from, it shows him, a grizzled Batman, and a new hero making their last stand in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. It’s nice to see the future designs of Bruce Wayne in a world where he didn’t grow old to train a Terry McGinnis to be the The Tomorrow Knight, as seen in Batman Beyond.

The second video reveals what the focus is of the next update, releasing on February 15th. Catwoman takes center stage, disappointingly not in a full CG trailer like the other videos have been. It’s slightly humorous that the video focuses on Catwoman and Batman, eternal on-again off-agains, and yet the update comes the day after Valentine’s.

Personally, I enjoyed the beta on PS3 more than I did months of World Of Warcraft.

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  • D Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

    Ok, it’s official…DC needs to get Blur to make their next movie.

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