New This Week 31st January 2011

Welcome to Platform Nation’s weekly feature where we inform you, the reader, on all the game releases you should be looking out for.

Each week as well as bringing you news about which games are due to hit the shelves in the seven days ahead, the Platform Nation writer will choose their pick of the week.

Believe it or not there is more to this week than thes release of the Xbox 360 exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops first DLC entitled First Strike (see below for more details).

Our pick of the week this week is Nail’d.  My colleague Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet) has already reviewed this game- you can read the full review here. Or if you already know you want it you can order from our Amazon store here.

Also out this week is Jolly Rover on PC and Mac.

Despite including modern advancements of the genre, Jolly Rover can’t escape some old pitfalls. Travelling from scene to scene can be utterly annoying, especially when you have to backtrack and watch Jolly plod through screen after screen. The option to make walking faster is present, and a welcome addition, but a quick travel feature would be the icing on the cake. However the graphics are bright and cheerful and the voice acting is above par.

Next we have Dungeons on PC.

This latest dungeon-building strategy game doesn’t put you in the shoes of an intrepid adventurer but rather a maniacal fiend who uses his vast engineering prowess to craft treacherous passageways too tempting for explorers to pass up. But in the end, their greed will get the better of them, and you shall reap the rewards.  If you like the sound of this then feel free to order from our Amazon store here.

Also out this week is an expansion for The Sims 3 called Outdoor Living.

Whether you’re decorating the perfect patio, setting the mood with a cool new hot tub, or firing up a state-of-the-art grill for the ultimate BBQ, your Sims’ outdoor decor is getting a boost. Give your Sims everything they need for a stylish and comfortable outdoor living space with The Sims 3 Outdoor Living!   Order from our store here.

Haunted House has been out a while on Xbox Live! Arcade but here we have the Wii version.

The graphics do well with the modest power of the Wii but hopefully this can join the likes of Eledess and be a fun distraction for an hour or two.

Its no surprise Ubisoft have cottoned on to the idea that its Just Dance series has always appealed to the youngers gamers at home.  So with that in mind this week we get Dance Juniors (otherwise known as Just Dance Kids) which offers in their words “Over 40 crazy choreographies developed by professional choreographers, including: All-time biggest pop hits re-recorded by kids; Classic child-friendly tunes for the youngest kids at home;  Hits from kids favourite TV shows; You can pick between 4 themed playlist categories: Animal, Party, Funny and Vacation OR create and customise your own!”  Time will tell is this can match the normal Just Dance releases.  Why not order your copy from our store here.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem is available this week.

Promises the usual Nintendo mix of poppy sounds, bright graphics and accessible game play for younger ones and more addictive and devilish gameplay for those more experienced players.

Two Worlds II also takes a bow this week.  Two Worlds II expands the original RPG adventure by introducing new game content, extending gameplay and providing you with the answers to many questions and mysteries which arose in the main story. Besides several well-known regions of Antaloor, there are also completely new territories to explore. The combat system has been further enhanced too, with an active blocking system, a completely new means of transport, a much-enhanced reaction system from NPCs, and other tweaks. Check out the Platform Nation Review here.

Maintaining the RPG theme we also get Lord of Arcana this week.  The story sets up a classic ‘quest for the sacred stones’ scenario set in the land of ‘Horodyn’ – named for its first king and hero. When you enter the picture, however, Horodyn is divided, and only seeking out the four arcana stone can restore balance and order to the world. Of course, these stones could also bring about global domination and supreme power to the right wielder – hence their supreme value.  Will you save the world (again)?

Just before we get to the video game release everyone knows about we have Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Sideways scrolling with lovely graphics we will have to wait and see if gameplay matches the visuals!

So finally we get to Black Ops: First Strike. What we know for certain is you get four maps for your hard earned:  Kowloon (it has ziplines!), Discovery (it has a collapsible bridge!), Berlin Wall (you can figure this one out), and Stadium (built for run-and-gun).  Treyarch Online Director Dan Bunting promises “more verticality” and “more sniper opportunities” which in my limited time with Black Ops was something I struggled with.  Lets hope they’re as fun as Jungle which I think is excellent.

All of these titles are available through the Platform Nation Amazon Store.

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