OnLive Launches Their Flat Rate Plan

OnLive launched their flat rate program, PlayPack, earlier today in what could really become the future of video games. Their PlayPack program charges a flat rate, $9.99, for access to a 38 game library, pretty much like a Netflix but for video games. You will have access to their games on your PC, Mac or TV if you buy the OnLive console ($99.99). You will also have access to some of the OnLive services on the iPad. I myself have put sometime into OnLive and I was actually very surprised by how well it actually worked. How I was able to just start a game up and play it solely through their streaming service. There are still steps that OnLive needs to take (in-game achievements, a bigger game library, in-game chats), but as they continue to improve their service, OnLive seems to be more like the next step for gaming.

For more info on their PlayPack program, check out their page here,

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