Railroad Contructor Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Railroad Constructor
Release: 19 December 2010
Developer: Exosyphen
MSRP: £0.59/$0.99
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.5 MB

Railroad Constructor is a puzzle game where you must guide a train from one station to another while avoiding obstacles and picking up gold on your journey.

The idea behind railroad constructor has been done before, most people will probably recognise it from the hacking minigame in Bioshock. Your task is to create a safe passage for a train from one end of the map to the other.

As with all puzzle games, the basic premise is simple but of course there is more to it than just drawing a track. You must navigate several obstacles which vary in size and shape as you progress throughout the game. Adding to the difficulty is the random track tiles that you are given to complete the track. There are a couple basic tiles that can appear; you can get the standard horizontal/vertical tiles but these (at least in my experience) don’t occur that much and relying on these alone is suicide. In order to succeed you will ultimately create a track filled with enough twists that M Night Shyamalan would be proud.

If having random track pieces isn’t enough of a challenge, you also get random gold drops and random obstacles each and every time you play the game. Still not enough for you? The cherry on top or the nail in the coffin depending on your outlook is the 80 second time limit that you have to get prepared before the train starts its journey.


  • Randomly generated maps
  • Randomly generated obstacles
  • Randomly generated gold drops
  • Randomly generated track pieces
  • Online Leader board

There is absolutely no instructions in the game, none.  When you load it up you get the options for: New Game, Resume game High score and Sound on/off. Although the mechanic is simple a little tutorial would have been nice.

It pains me to write this, but I have to mention the soundtrack. It’s fun and cheerful and certainly enjoyable…the first time. Sadly though the song doesn’t last long enough for a one per level and you will hear it again and again. There is an option to put the sound off while you play but I would have preferred to be able to use my music from my iPod.

Although there is a high score function in the game, in order to view it or submit your own you actually leave the app entirely and open up a Safari page. There is also no high score that is unique to your device so having bragging rights against your friends is a little difficult.

One last complaint, not about the game but the website of its developer. There is no mention of the game anywhere on the official website which seems a little odd.
Despite my criticisms this is a fun and relatively addictive game, is it the best game to ever grace an iPod? No. Is it the worst? Not in a long way.  £0.59/$0.99 is exactly the right price for the game, anymore and I would suggest avoiding it but at these prices it’s worth a go.


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