DLC Characters For “Marvel VS. Capcom 3” Get Shot

You’re getting the Limited Edition of Marvel VS. Capcom 3, right? If you are, that means you’re getting two exclusive DLC characters. Presumably, they’ll be for sale later, but Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath are temporarily exclusive for the big purchasers. Capcom Unity has revealed the first actual screens of the characters in-game. Given that it comes out in less than two weeks, it’s almost surprising they’ve waited this long.

Jill Valentine hails from the Resident Evil franchise, and brings her appearance from Resident Evil 5 to the mix. She’s abandoned her beret and style from Resident Evil and Marvel VS. Capcom 2. Reportedly, she also plays nothing like her previous VS. appearance. Instead, she takes on moves as seen in, and inspired by, Resident Evil 5.

Shuma-Gorath rises from Marvel Comics, where the character hasn’t been active for a good while. Notably, he returns from the previousĀ VS. games, where he was a unique variation, basically being a squid that can shoot eyes and such.

There’s actually been no official word if these two characters will be playable on launch date, but wouldn’t it be nice to play as Jill Valentine on Valentine’s Day? As the wait to launch day gets closer, I just can’t wait to take this game for a ride.

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  • Squishy

    Just a heads up, but the CE purchasers don’t get them early. They just have a voucher for when they do come out.