Epic Cancels Gears 3 Unlocks In Bulletstorm

Back in December you may remember that Design Director Cliff Bleszinski tweeted how gamers who have played previous EPIC games could expect to have rewards unlocked when they play Gears of War 3.  Well as it turns out, this is not possible and the only games which will unlock anything in Gears of War 3 will be the previous Gears of War games.  Lead gameplay programmer Joe Graf, clarified the situation today also via Twitter when he tweeted the following:

Turns out that we can’t read the Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex, and UT3 achievements for unlocks in Gears3 after all. Sorry about that all.

All of the Gears games are in our publisher/dev family, so those we will reward with unlocks

The reason behind this change of direction is nothing to do with EPIC, instead it is due to the restrictions that underpin the Live data. If you want to extract data for your gamerscore or avatar then that is acceptable according to Microsoft.  When you start to dig deeper then you enter the realms of unsupported manipulation of the Xbox Live servers.

So will this affect your decision to pick up Bulletstorm at all?

Source: Official Xbox Magazine UK

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  • What about “A World of Keflings” though? They have an unlock system that reads save files for “Ilomilo” and “Raskulls”, and they weren’t all published by Microsoft Studios, to my knowledge.

    It will affect my decision to pick up the game only slightly, as Epic still makes some hot-@$$ games, but at least now I don’t have to kill myself getting all the achievements in Shadow Complex.