Legendary Wars Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Legendary Wars
Release:January 27, 2011
Developer: Liv Games
MSRP: $2.99
Rating: 12+
Version: 1.1
Size: 92.5 MB

Combine castle defense elements with RTS type game play add in an RPG aspect you have Legendary Wars. Players will find themselves in a mythical land controlling completely unique groups of characters. You as the player must journey through five mystical, though tumultuous, zones of Legendaria, they set out to unravel the secrets that surround the mysterious Sun stones.

Throughout over 50 stages, the game introduces an assortment of playable characters, from noble Elven Archers to brash Magical Unicorns. Each unit has upgradable stats, legendary armor to obtain, and unique combat abilities. Players pit these champions against hordes of Netherworld creatures and assorted bosses that range from massive frost-breathing dragons, to rabies-infected werewolves.
Controlling one of the character classes through out 50 stages. Mine resources as you recruit units to send into the fray along 3 lanes of battle. With a tap of the finger you can direct units to different areas of the battlefield. Troops under your command have the chance to advance, retreat, stand guard, or use combat abilities to overwhelm the enemy. Gems collected from miners can be used to fortify defenses, bolster resource production, and upgrade units.
Legendary Wars also presents a rich, varied set of arcade mini-games and three unlock-able game modes. Quickly immersion into the story mixed with a vibrant art style provides even the most casual gamers with a compelling world to explore. It is up to you to save Legendaria with ways to customize and upgrade your heroes to unlock powerful new attacks and two sets of Legendary Armor per character. When you play as one of the hero’s you will Battle the likes of Skullys, Zombies, Wolfys, Vamps, Trolls, Gargoyles and Dragons designed with AI that presents you with a challenge, they also will not just stand idle but will also hunt you down.


– Beautiful Graphics
– Easy Game Play
-Easy Controls
-Fun characters

My one gripe about the game was the controls though not horrible they could use some more work. It felt like at times you were trapped by your actions to try and control a certain character. Later levels made this even more prevalent as the action on the screen got more hurried and climatic. Would have liked to see a bit more varied action with the battles they seemed very straight forward. When attacking enemies it would have been great to see something like a 3 on 3 action screen pushing a more RPG style game. It would have been great to see battles come alive in the game.

Legendary Wars was by far one of my favorite iPod games it was enjoyable in many aspects. Game mechanics mixed with graphics that are visually pleasing gives players a great game with something great to look at. I found myself often times stuck playing for much longer then I had anticipated. In general each time I play it the game feels like a vortex that sucks you into an hour of game play.


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