Michael Phelps – Push The Limit For The Kinect

Here is a game I would have never thought of using Kinect technology for but it does make sense.    Michael Phelps Push the Limits will be heading our way for the Kinect June 2011.  The game will bring out your competitive drive in the pool without getting wet.  Here is a little more about the hands free game heading our way from videogame publisher 505 and described by Michael Phelps himself.

“Push the Limit is a fun, innovative, and physical way to game that is complete with elements that will challenge serious gamers, swimmers and casual fans,” said Phelps. “I’m really excited to help bring a one-of-a-kind swimming video game to the market that is reflective of my competitive nature and passion for swimming. This definitely isn’t your typical video game; much like my training in the pool, Push the Limit is about improving and mastering every race element – from controlling your adrenaline on the block to perfectly timing your finish. In my world, it takes a lifetime of dedication to get one-hundredth of a second ahead, and I believe Push the Limit offers players a unique journey inside swimming that will challenge themselves as much as their in-game competitors.”

Check out Michael Phelps – Push the Limit in the first game trailer which can be viewed at The trailer was filmed on location at Loyola University Maryland in Phelps’ hometown of Baltimore and features the first time he has been captured utilizing the innovative Phantom HD, a high-speed camera that is often used for movies and sports to garner the visual quality of high definition imaging with frame rates up to 1000 per second to capture incredible detail.

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