Demon’s Souls Spiritual Successor Details Arise

Japanese Developers From Software announced in late 2010, the spiritual successor to their critically acclaimed title Demon’s Souls was in the works, with Project Dark as its codename. Recently, a series of juicy details have surfaced, courtesy of japanese popular magazine Famitsu (as well as IGN for the proper localization).

First, the official title for the aforementioned game is Dark Souls, a game that will not be a direct sequel for Demon’s Souls but a completely new game set in a different world, with different character but retaining some of the gameplay mechanics and difficulty that made the original game such a classic. In addition, the game will be released on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, except Japan, where it will remain exclusive to Sony’s powerful console. One of the most significant differences is the world where Dark Souls takes place, as it will be a fairly free-roaming world in contrast to a hub connecting to different stages. The peculiar online play will remain very similar to Demon‘s, as players will still be able to leave messages  to other players, as well as being able to play cooperatively and competitively. More precise details regarding online play were not disclosed.

One of the few Dark Souls screenshots available, which shows how ass-kicking the game will be

Dark Souls will also play in a similar way to Demon’s Souls, having a meticulously crafted combat mechanic, where you carefully block upcoming attacks until the opportunity arises for a precise counter-attack; there will be different classes and magic will play a significant role in the game, hopefully not being as overpowered as with the previous title. There will be more than 100 weapons to gather and the player will have the ability to mix melee attacks with magic for “massive damage”.

As mentioned before, the world will be a seamlessly connected open world, which, judging by various early screenshots, seem to be a lot more colorful than what we got to experience in Demon’s Souls.

Dark Souls is currently set for a Q4 2011 release, so stay tuned to Platform Nation as more details get unveiled.

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