Explore The World Of The Ace Attorney’s Antagonist

Japan is known for some crazy sights. They’ve got life-size Gundams, for starters. They do temporary museums dedicated to spandexed superheroes. Now, according to andriasang, they’ve got an attraction devoted to Phoenix Wright. Well, Phoenix Wright’s opponent, Miles Edgeworth. Sega’s going to dedicate some space at their Joypolis theme park to Ace Attorney Investigations.

In cooperation with Capcom (obviously), players will be able to move around the world of Miles Edgeworth (“Mitsurugi Reiji” in Japan) and solve a crime. In the role of the investigator, players will take roughly around 20 minutes to solve the crime, at the cost of 600 yen (a little over $7 US). No word on if you’ll be able to dress up as the purple-suited hero, or if Sega and Capcom are going to leave that to the cosplayers. Additionally, we’re just going to assume this game will not be ported to America.

While I own a few of the Phoenix Wright games (and even the incredible artbook UDON released), I regret to say I’ve never finished one. Still, that didn’t stop me from wandering around Anime Weekend Atlanta as Phoenix Wright one year.

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