Party With Duke Nukem (And Gearbox) In Vegas!

Every gamer that’s been praying for the next game in the Duke Nukem series for roughly the last decade, only to be disappointed, teased, etc., will finally be rewarded in the coming months (May 17, to be exact).

On February 7 (next Monday) Gearbox Software will offer one happy gamer the chance to play the game months before the rest of us.  You are required to give a 100-word essay on why you should be chosen to attend the press party for Duke Nukem Forever in Las Vegas, NV.

From Gearbox Software:

The King of All Shooters is coming to Las Vegas on Monday, February 7 and is throwing a party with his closest friends.

Of course, The Duke is always looking for new friends to wrap their hands around his controller and experience his glory all up-close-and-personal-like.

So, if you’ll be in the Las Vegas area on Monday, February 7, are 21 years of age or older, and want to spend some time playing with Duke and Duke Nukem Forever, let him know by filling out the form below. Each and every note will be reviewed by one of Duke’s lovely ladies and the hand-picked best-of-the-best will be invited to party at his side.

Personally, I haven’t played the series much, as I’m more of an RPG lover, but getting to play a long-awaited game WAY before anyone else does? Sounds like fun to me. Especially if Gearbox Software is involved.

At any rate, the contest is only open today (Feb 3) and tomorrow (Feb 4), so get your [email protected] entries into Gearbox. NOW!!

**link above also takes you to contest**

Source: Gearbox Software (link above)

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