“DC Universe Online” Goes Cheap For Legends

Have you had a chance to enter the world of DC Comics? Sony has been teaming up with the DC Comics heroes in DC Universe Online, their new massive-multiplayer action-RPG. PlayStation 3 and Windows owners have had a chance for the past month to clean up the streets of Gotham City and Metropolis, but have had to pay $14.99 for one month of play. Things are changing, as Sony’s about to introduce a new plan.

Announced on the Sony blog, members of the Justice League or Legion of Doom are allowed to pay $29.99 for three months of play. Theoretically, this is two months with one bonus month. If they sign up for this plan, starting February 8th, they can actually keep it rolling over as long as they’re active. Annoyingly, this still doesn’t fix some of the issues with subscription plans. If players were able to use one account for both PC and PS3 gameplay, that would be a nicety. Additionally, I’d be willing to sign up for the lifetime plan, if it was available on PS3.

Players have until their introductory 30-day period or March 1st to sign up for this plan.

Still, for gamers playing it, what plans are you on?

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