Namco Bandai To Samuraize Consoles With “Power Rangers Samurai”

To put it in classical terms, 2011 is the year in where it’s Morphin’ Time all over again. Nickelodeon is prepping it’s newest series, Power Rangers Samurai, premiering next Monday at 8PM. Saban Brands bought the franchise back from Disney last year, and are adapting 2009’s Super Sentai series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, into Power Rangers continuity. Notably, the series has both a modified version of the original theme, alongside the return of Bulk to the franchise, the big buffoon who made his first appearance way back in the first episode.

Namco Bandai, holders of the video game rights (in addition, Bandai produces all the toys), have announced that consoles will receive a new game this year, ripten reports. The last time Power Rangers hit a console was in the multi-era Power Rangers Super Legends. No console is mentioned, but it’s safe to assume that the Nintendo Wii and possibly a DS iteration will acquire one of the titles.

In Japan, the 35th Anniversary of Super Sentai, Power Rangers‘ source series, is about to be celebrated with Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger.

Yes… I’ll buy it. I’ve been a Ranger fan since the first episode premiered.

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  • More likely the 3DS will get a game for it but just to make this clear, it really isn’t part of the DS line (The DSi counts as a DS but 3DS is next generation handheld, just retains dual screen and one touch screen for familiarity.