Bulletstorm Skillisode #4

By now most of you might have read the Bulletstorm Demo Impressions right here on Platform Nation, or you may have played the demo by now for yourself.  Whatever the case may be we have the newest trailer for Bulletstorm Skillisode #4.  Skillisode #4 shows some of the fast paced over the top kills you to can pull off while playing the game (with a little practice of course).  I for one have played the demo and it is pretty good, will it be a day one buy for me?  I am still unsure the one thing that does want me to buy the game day one is the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta.

So to see if this is a day one buy for me or any one of the other hosts of P*N’s Lock and Load podcast keep an eye out for the next episode and see what we have to say.

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