Sony’s NGP VS. The Nintendo 3DS

The age old questions always comes to mind when a new console or handheld is revealed and with Sony’s NGP surfacing and the Nintendo 3DS hot on our heels, who will rein supreme and take the handheld crown.  Now I know this is a tough question as we really haven’t seen much of  the NGP as it was just recently announced.  We have heard of some of the games that may be heading our way for the NGP, but will we only get stuck with a limited amount of titles like we did for the PSP or will this handheld blow us away with exclusive titles and top it off and offer us a great handheld at a great price because let’s face it the main selling point for a lot of people will be the pricing point.

As gamers we have an expensive hobby and as technology advances so does the amount of money we spend on consoles, peripherals and games themselves.  So Nintendo may have the advantage there, as the price has already been revealed for the Nintendo 3DS and a lot of great games have also been announced.  So will Sony have to keep that in mind, or not?  Will the Sony fans spend as much money on the NGP as they would for a console?  We know a lot of Nintendo fan’s new and old feel that the pricing point of $249 for the new Nintendo handheld seems like a fair and affordable price, but we also know of a lot of great games are heading our way for the 3DS.

So what about the technology behind each device.  They are both on top of their game here offering some great features and some things that are unique to each device.

Nintendo 3Ds Specs: (Click on Spec sheet for larger image)

Sony’s NGP Specs: (Click on Spec sheet for larger image)
In my opinion the specification are always a great thing to look at but will that sway your decision into which handheld you will be picking up?  For some parents the only thing they have to go by is what they heard and what their child has asked for and may not care about the specifications.  So will each company make a big push with advertising to get not only the kids attentions but Mom’s and Dad’s attention,of course they will.  But what about us gaming parents out there.  Will we only buy our children the handhelds we think is the best or will we listen to what they want.

Let’s face it folks we will always have in the back of our minds who will win the next console/handheld war and in the end there is no winner.  We the gamers may be loyal Sony Fanboys/girls or Hardcore Xbox Lovers or even Die Hard Nintendo Fans, but in the end the only one that will rein supreme will be the retailers and the big company.

So choose for yourself and don’t worry who will rein supreme, let’s game on which console or consoles we love and have fun while doing it!

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  • NGP! all the way baby!!!

    a while ago, i got a dsi and it broke 3 days later!!!!! this same thing happened to my ds lite!! two times!!
    sony has always been faithful to me and my psp 3000 and my ps2 and ps3 have been running smoothly as if i got them yesterday.
    I will defiantly not go down the same road with nintendo again.
    I am a sony fan now! GO NGP!!!!!

    • tru that bro

    • dub

      Lol My DS never broke. Even after several drops it still ran like a champ. My psp had dead pixels right out of the box, and a month later it stopped reading game discs completely. Still the NGP is a beast of a system and I’m lookinjg forward to seeing one in person. However, the 3DS aint no slouch either, and I’ve all ready locked in my pre-order. Both system’s look awesome if you ask me.

  • I’m a serious gamer (no hate against the zelda fans) but I’m going with the NGP, the graphics are out of this world for a portable and its everything you can want as a sony fan

    pre ordered my NGP at gamestop 2/5/11

    • Price hasn’t been announced yet, how were you able to pre-order?

  • I have a DS and DSi, but my PSP-3000 has always been my favorite. So definitly the NGP for me. W00T Can’t wait to get it!! 😀
    NGP FTW!

  • YO this thing rocks i cant wait to get it like seriosly

  • nice site design!
    it looks more casual!

    the red design looks like a revolution propaganda type of design:/


    I just tried the 3DS, and believe me! This 3d will make 3DS sale!
    It is completely amazing, but the hardware sucks man!

    NGP is good to have, but I really wish it supports 3D man:/

    • That’s nice, but do you want to fork out the extra money? Sony has the technology to include it but didn’t because it would be too expensive. I would pay extra for 3D for the NGP, but most of the consumers wouldn’t. Even as 300-350 price range, most people are still complain it’s too expensive. They should just grow a pair of balls. This is why we can’t have nice things. People complain too much…

  • I also had a feeling the arrival of the NGP have these implications & real time effect on gaming industry as we know it. It has the potential to change everything.

    The overall philosophy of “portable console experience” with all the PS3’s power crammed in a handheld is a very ambitious, often ridiculed, risky & costly ambition. Yet if Sony manages to pull it off will revolutionize video gaming again.

    Imagine playing a 1080p PS3 quality game featuring a 4 PlayStation Move controllers using the NGP’s camera while the NGP is connected to your HDTV via DLNA while consuming only a fraction of electricity !!!?

    So much power & possibilities!

    • No doubt the NGP looks like a beast of a system capable of handling great graphics along with some sweet bells and whistles, but how will it “revolutionize” gaming?

      In my opinion you need more than just a graphical leap (or even 3D to pick on the 3DS a little) to be revolutionary. The internet, Doom being packaged with a mod kit, Ultimate Online, MUD, Xbox Live (really social gaming on the console in general, but Xbox live was the first to go mainstream, even though the Dreamcast and PS2 featured Phantasy Star Online and FFXIII respectively), Pac-Man, iPhone, Facebook and the like are revolutions. They spearheaded completely new directions and growth opportunities for the industry along with new genres of games and attracted newcomer fans outside of the “hardcore” audience.

      I think the NGP will boast some great games and feature impressive graphics, but it’s not doing anything we haven’t seen before. Furthermore, Sony really hasn’t really done anything revolutionary since paving the way for disc-based gaming with its original PSOne and original DualShock controller. The PS2 was a great system, no doubt, but was just an improved machine, ditto for PS3.

      I don’t mean to sound too negative, and again the NGP should be an impressive bit of hardware that I’m eager to check out, but I just don’t see anything that’s game changing.

  • fabbaby1006

    ‘legolewis’ i don’t know what your talking about nintendo has some of the most durable products, and no offense to any of you playstation fans but the ngp is not as original as the 3ds don’t get me wrong they are both looking awesome but i would most likely go with something that is new and will leave me with a experience i never felt before.

  • Seems like the NGP’s going for power, and the graphics are MAD, but now these are the questions; how expensive will it be and will the games be standard? Really NGP looks amazing, but if it’s like £300 or more (this is an almost guaranteed fact since this is virtually a portable PS3 with 3G connectivity, touch screen & eye-candy graphics) then I’m gonna ignore it. And the Sony handhelds have a tendency to be lackluster in the gaming department, and people tend to forget that if the games aren’t good, then it aint worth getting. But it looks like this brawl will be much better than the DS vs PSP one.

  • When the Wii first came, and I saw the supposed “lineup” (still waiting for Disaster Day of Crisis), I was all excited about the possibilities. I imagined a lot of stuff I could do with it. I was fortunate to get it at launch day. Now, for the past 3 and a half years, I regret every single day I bought the Wii. All the cool stuff coming out for Xbox and PS3, and Wii getting **** like Monkeyball, a bunch of Naruto fillers (not real games), a heck of a lot of sidescrolling games, a huge selection of 6-year old kids titles, and due date games like modern warfare 1 with pretty awfully stepped down graphics. Hell no!!! Im not gonna make the same mistake with the 3DS. I was excited at first with it, but after looking at Nintendos lineup (following the same cr**** line as the wii), and seeing the raw power of the NGP, hell yeah. I’ll go for Sony. No doubt. I wont spend money in the 3DS for regreting it years later and trying to sell it.

  • Lol at fernando, if you are going off of things like that, i hope you don’t need to sell your PSP2 at a major loss, then.

    I like the look of the 3DS and the 3D screen will be protected, with it’s clamshell design, I wonder how quickly the PSP2 will break, because how sensitive is the screen, and if it’s in your pocket, how will it not shatter?
    My DSi never broked, since the day I got it, and my DSlite, which I gave away only got damaged once, and it was the faulty, hinges. I have no problem, with Nintendo, and never did have any problems with them.

  • DD

    Hmmm…..PSP vs the DS….PS3 vs Wii… all do remember who kicked who’s butt in those battles don’t you? Look for Nintendo to sell a ton of 3DS systems while used PSP2’s fir sale clog up the Craigslist boards.

  • DD

    Hmmm…..PSP vs the DS….PS3 vs Wii… all do remember who kicked who’s butt in those battles don’t you? Look for Nintendo to sell a ton of 3DS systems while used PSP2’s for sale clog up the Craigslist boards.

  • DD

    Hmmm…..PSP vs the DS….PS3 vs Wii… all do remember who kicked who in those battles don’t you? Look for Nintendo to sell a ton of 3DS systems while used PSP2’s for sale clog up the Craigslist boards.

  • Both handhelds are amazing. 3ds is a powerhouse(graphics are clearly above Wii-level, not to mention the whole 3d effect) yet NGP is even more powerful and has a very cool controls, that’s absolutely insane. Even though original DS is my favorite system and I always loved Nintendo games, I’m not entirely sure if I prefer the 3ds over NGP.
    The only problem I see so far is… the lack of games for Sony’s new handheld. I mean, look at Nintendo, when the 3ds was unveiled it already had tons of games.
    So far I don’t see many NGP games announced, and Sony is really pushing the fact that NGP is perfect for PS3 ports. Does that mean we can expect mostly shovelware?
    Makes sense: PS3=No gaems > NGP=No Games Portable. If that’s the case it will be a one sided handheld war once again.
    However if NGP will have some decent, exclusive titles and the price won’t be extremely high, then 3DS vs. NGP will be one awesome, brutal clash. Great!