Gaming Confessions: Customisation

This week’s confession is on character modification.

When I play a game I like to think and feel that my experience is unique, and while others will play the same game no one else will do things the way I do them. This is why when given the chance I can and do spend hours customising my character before I even start playing the game. It is rather bizarre as in reality I spend very little time on my outward appearance.

Whether playing as a male or female (see this confession) I enjoy tweaking my appearance as much as possible. I have even played the same game several times with multiple characters/personas and gave each of them their own style. My character have been created in various moulds and guises from a character based on my dream appearance, my actual appearance (or as well as I can achieve this) to stereotypical characters for good guys/bad guys.

I love being able to create my own character but it’s all for naught when an in game cut scene appears and you are back to the generic costumes and facial features or if your character does appear as you created them they look out of place compared to the background and other characters in the scene. I’m not sure which of the two annoys me more really. It just irks me when I see my effort wasted.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticising character customisation far from it. I would actually like to see customisation options extended beyond the usual hair, bone structure and colour options.  I would like to see whole body customisation. I want to pick my characters height and weight. I want to choose what my character wears down to the smallest detail but I also want my choices to matter as the game unfolds.

I suppose there is a balance that needs to be achieved, if I want to be able fully customise my games then I can’t expect everything to look perfect all time. If a character only has one look then the game designers/developers can concentrate on making this one look as close to perfect as possible.

What do you think Nation? Is a reduction in quality worth as increase in customisation? Do you use the feature when it is given? How much do you use it and what else would you like to be able to change to your preferences.

Next week in Gaming Confessions: Valentine’s Day Special.

As I’m sure that you are all aware next Monday is Valentine’s Day, so in the spirit of commercialised love (that’s a rant for another day) I want to know who from the gaming world you would like to be your valentine. It can be someone old or new but please no Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.

Send your answers to @Stigweird85 on Twitter, or [email protected] I will post the responses next week and I’ll even let you remain anonymous if you’d prefer.

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