My Kingdom For The Princess 2 Review (iPad)

Game Review: My Kingdom for the Princess 2
Release: January 28, 2011
Developer: Nevosoft
MSRP: $4.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 2011.01.10
Size: 67.3 MB

Sir Arthur and Princess Helen are off on their honeymoon when disaster strikes! With their hot air balloon torn to shreds, they must find a way back home. Using time management and strategy, you must utilize your resources in the most efficient manner to remove roadblocks and progress.

My Kingdom for the Princess 2 boils down to time and resource management. There are three resources to manage and several methods to obtain them. Gold, wood, and food may all simply be picked up off the ground on different maps, but you also have to capability to build structures on certain maps. These structures, such as saw mills, farms, and mines, offer a consistent “income” of their respective resource.

I tested this game on the iPad, meaning the controls are completely touch-based; I had no problem at all. In fact, this game is probably more difficult to control on the PC. There are five lands, each with 12 levels. In each land, there is a defense-type level where you must tap the invader before they reach your base. There is also an arcade-style level where you maneuver a character around obstacles and collect coins by dragging your finger across the screen.

Workers are the tool you use to clear a map. The gameplay is immediately reminiscent of Diner Dash; click a highlighted item to send a worker to it. The worker walks out to complete the task and must return to the shack before he can work again. With enough wood, you can upgrade the shack to send out more than one worker at a time. If you want to complete the level before night falls and earn a gold medal, your workers must clear roads, build bridges, and collect resources in the proper order.

Each gold medal earns you a section of the castle.


  • Multiple save slots for different local players
  • High scores are compared among the local players
  • Chance to beat the Developer’s Score on each level
  • Diner Dash style gameplay
  • Beautiful, detailed artwork and animation
  • Trophies for in-game achievements

My Kingdom for the Princess 2 is an evolutionary step in the time management genre; combining elements of RPG, strategy, and simulation has paid off handsomely for Nevosoft. The animation is very clean, although limited. The artwork is very crisp, detailed, and colorful. The story is awkward and forgettable, but that can’t put a damper on the brilliant execution of the gameplay. With the shallow learning curve and evolving difficulty level, I would wholeheartedly recommend this game to casual and seasoned gamers alike.


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