New PDP Controller Hopes To Click With “Marvel VS. Capcom 3”

PDP has been churning out accessories for the current consoles, and have been, if anything, unique in their designs. They’ve teamed with NERF on multiple occasions, alongside the NBA. This time, they’re teaming up with Marvel (but not Capcom), dancing around the fact by conveniently releasing a new controller the same week that Marvel VS. Capcom 3 hits shelves. The Marvel Versus Fighting Pad comes with a unique design that just may click with some players.

First thing you’ll notice is that the left hand side is longer than the right. PDP’s argument is that this works for players who hold the controller with their left hand, and use their fingers to tap on the right, instead of just a thumb. Secondly, you may notice there’s only one stick. PDP has gone the digital route with it’s thumb stick, much like the Neo Geo Pocket did. Sure, it’ll be loud, but it’s a precise movement. They’ve additionally moved the Start and Back buttons to the top, to prevent accidental presses during gameplay. For some reason, they didn’t do this for the Guide button.

Simply put, PDP doesn’t have the right to Capcom characters, which is why the controller features artwork from Siege. Additionally, a PS3 iteration is dependent on 360 sales. Still, it should play fine for gamers next week. Me? The control pad looks fun; that was easily one of the superior parts of the Neo Geo Pocket’s design.

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